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physique (n) [person] fisico (n) {m} [person]
physique (n) [person] corporatura (n) {f} [person]
physique aspetto fisico
EN Synonyms for physique IT Translations
shape [structure of the body] form (u)
figure [structure of the body] figur (u)
form [structure of the body] gestalt (u)
skeleton [structure of the body] benstomme
anatomy [structure of the body] anatomi (u)
composition [physical nature] uppsats (u)
make-up [physical nature] sminkning
build [physical nature] ökas
health [physical nature] hälsa
nature [physical nature] beskaffenhet {u}
vitality [physical nature] livsduglighet (u)
constitution [physical nature] statsförfattning
torso [trunk] torso (u)
frame [trunk] rama in
flesh [trunk] hull
size [trunk] storlek (u)
body [trunk] kropp (u)
bones [trunk] ben {n}
trunk [person] snabel (u)