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practiced (a) [experienced] esperto (a) {m} [experienced]
practiced (a) [experienced] abile (a) [experienced]
practiced (a) [experienced] pratico (a) [experienced]
EN Synonyms for practiced IT Translations
put to use [used] azionare
adjusted [used] contraffato
applied [used] in uso
elegant [accomplished] elegante
experienced [accomplished] pratico
gifted [accomplished] di talento
polished [accomplished] levigato
proficient [accomplished] provetto
finished [accomplished] rifinito
adroit [character trait] esperto {m}
artistic [character trait] artìstico
adept [character trait] campione {m}
apt [character trait] atto {m}
clever [character trait] savio
dexterous [character trait] aggraziato
expert [character trait] apprèndere
learned [familiar with] istruito
knowledgeable [familiar with] sempre al corrente
associating [familiar with] associante
acquainted [familiar with] noto