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radio radio {f}
radio (n) [general] radio (n) {f} [general]
EN Synonyms for radio IT Translations
disseminate [circulate] (formal spargere
pass out [circulate] elargire
air [circulate] aura {f}
vent [circulate] sfiato
telephone [circulate] telefonico
write [circulate] vergare
notify [circulate] mettere al corrente
journalism [news media] giornalismo {m}
broadcasting [news media] radiotrasmissione
television [news media] televisivo
mass media [news media] (formal mass media (mp)
televise [put on the air] cèdere
transmit [put on the air] cèdere
send [put on the air] indirizzare
broadcast [put on the air] programma {m}
receiver [telecommunications device] recevitore
IT Italian EN English
radio radio {f}
radio (n) [general] radio (n) {f} [general]