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ENITTranslations for relative

relative(a)[general] relativo(a)[general]
relative parente{m}
relative(n)[family - man] parente(n){m}[family - man]
relative(n)[family - woman] parente(n){m}[family - woman]
relative conggiunto
relative congiunto

ENITTranslations for strength

strength(n)[finance] capacità(n){f}[finance]
strength(n)[intensity of a force or power] efficacia(n){f}[intensity of a force or power]
strength(n)[intensity of a force or power] intensità(n){f}[intensity of a force or power]
strength possanza
strength(n)[physical condition] vigore(n){m}[physical condition]
strength(n)[finance] mezzi(n)[finance](mp)
strength(n)[finance] risorse(n){f}[finance]
strength(n)[finance] disponibilità(n){f}[finance]
strength forza{f}
strength(n)[general] forza(n){f}[general]

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