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shopping cart (n) [shopping] carrello (n) {m} [shopping]
shopping cart (n) [conveyance used to carry items while shopping] carrello della spesa (n) [conveyance used to carry items while shopping] (n)

EN IT Translations for shopping

shopping compera {f}
shopping comperare
shopping (n) [general] spese (n) {f} [general]
shopping (n) [general] acquisti (n) [general] (mp)
shopping (n) [general] shopping (n) {m} [general]
shopping compere

EN IT Translations for cart

cart (v) [transport]
  • carted
  • cart
  • cart
  • carted
  • carted
trasportare (v) [transport]
  • trasportando
  • avrai trasportato
  • avranno trasportato
cart (n) [airport] carrello (n) {m} [airport]
cart (n) [shopping] carrello (n) {m} [shopping]
cart (n) [shopping] carretto (n) {m} [shopping]
cart carretta {f}
cart barroccio