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EN English IT Italian
skeleton ossatura {f}
skeleton scheletro {m}
skeleton (n) [anatomy] scheletro (n) {m} [anatomy]
EN Synonyms for skeleton IT Translations
physique [structure of the body] aspetto fisico
shape [structure of the body] sagoma {f}
figure [structure of the body] figura {f}
form [structure of the body] formarsi
anatomy [structure of the body] morfologia {f}
sketch [activity] bozzetto
blueprint [activity] piano {m}
design [activity] canovaccio {m}
draft [activity] complemento {m}
frame [framework] incastellatura
structure [framework] strutturare
chassis [framework] autotelaio
bones [bone structure] ossatura {f}
cadaver [bone structure] cadavere {m}
scaffold [thing] patibolo {m}
framework [thing] intelaiatura {f}
fabric [thing] ordito
support [thing] poggiare
cast [frame] fusione {f}
mould [frame] foggiare