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spice aroma {m}
spice (n v) [any variety of spice] spezia (n v) {f} [any variety of spice]
spice (n) [culinary] spezia (n) {f} [culinary]
spice spezie {f}
spice (n) [excitement] nota piccante (n) {f} [excitement]
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spice (v) [culinary]
  • spiced
  • spice
  • spice
  • spiced
  • spiced
aromatizzare (v) [culinary]
  • aromatizzando
  • avrai aromatizzato
  • avranno aromatizzato
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tang [taste] incappellaggio
savour [taste] sapore {m}
bite [taste] boccone {m}
punch [taste] punzone {m}
body [taste] frai
zest [taste] entusiasmo {m}
wit [characteristic] giudizio {m}
humour [characteristic] spirto {m}
salt [characteristic] salino
zip [quality] niente di niente
taste [quality] costare
seasoning [cooking] condimento {m}
extract [cooking] estrassi
condiment [cooking] condimento {m}
flavouring [cooking] aroma {m}
pepper [cooking] pepe {m}
pickle [relish] salamoia {f}
flavour [season] aroma {m}
tincture [tint] tinta {f}
dye [tint] tintura {f}
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