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team equipaggio {m}
team (n) [sports - soccer] undici (n) {m} [sports - soccer]
team (n) [general] squadra (n) {f} [general]
team (n v) [group of people] squadra (n v) {f} [group of people]
team (n) [sports - soccer] squadra (n) {f} [sports - soccer]
EN Synonyms for team IT Translations
group [group of four] soubor {m}
ensemble [group of four] sbor
quartet [group of four] kvartet
party [group of four] pařit
foursome [group of four] čtveřice
detachment [armed forces] objektivita
squad [armed forces] družstvo (adj n)
force [armed forces] vynutit
unit [armed forces] oddělení
organisation [armed forces] organizace
organization [armed forces] organizace
detail [armed forces] ochranka
gang [group] gang
relay [group] štafeta
shift [group] (informal zaměnit
bunch [crew] kytice {f}
outfit [crew] výstroj
crowd [crew] dav {m}
platoon [crew] skupina lidí
company [crew] doprovod