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trinket (n) [a mere trifle] chincaglieria (n) [a mere trifle]
EN Synonyms for trinket IT Translations
fad [new gimmick] (informal moda {f}
curiosity [new gimmick] curiosità {f}
oddity [new gimmick] singolarità {f}
bauble [new gimmick] carabattola {f}
novelty [new gimmick] ultimo grido {m}
ornament [ornament on the arm] soprammobile {m}
manacle [ornament on the arm] legame {m}
circlet [ornament on the arm] cerchietto
bracelet [ornament on the arm] monile {m}
talisman [amulet] talismano {m}
fetish [amulet] fissazione {f}
gewgaw [amulet] gingillo {m}
icon [amulet] icone {f}
charm [amulet] malia {f}
bit [triviality] frammento {m}
piece [triviality] tozzo
fraction [triviality] frazione {f}
bagatelle [triviality] bazzecola {f}
trifle [triviality] inezia {f}
triviality [thing] insulsaggine