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uncouth (a) [behavior] villano (a) {m} [behavior]
uncouth (a) [behavior] maleducato (a) {m} [behavior]
uncouth (a) [behavior] rozzo (a) [behavior]
uncouth (adj) [clumsy, awkward] goffo (adj) [clumsy, awkward]
EN Synonyms for uncouth IT Translations
ill-bred [tactless] ouppfostrad
coarse [tactless] naturell
boorish [tactless] tölpaktig
common [tactless] vanlig
unsophisticated [tactless] naturlig
gauche [tactless] tafatt
barbaric [barbarous] barbarisk
crude [barbarous] råämne
ignorant [barbarous] ojämn
savage [barbarous] okultiverad
rude [barbarous] oförskämd
barbarian [barbarous] primitiv
quaint [uncivilized] gammalmodig
simple [uncivilized] enkel
barbarous [uncivilized] primitiv
uncultured [uncivilized] primitiv
primitive [uncivilized] ursprunglig
shameless [lacking sense of propriety] skamlös
immoral [lacking sense of propriety] sedelös
corrupt [lacking sense of propriety] skada