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ENITTranslations for united

united(a)[effort] comune(a){m}[effort]
united(a)[general] unito(a)[general]
united(a)[effort] collettivo(a)[effort]
united(a)[effort] congiunto(a)[effort]
united in comune
united(a)[general] unificato(a)[general]
united uniti

ENITTranslations for interregional

ENITTranslations for crime

crime corpo del delitto{m}
crime(n)[act violating the law] delitto(n){m}[act violating the law]
crime(n)[law] delitto(n){m}[law]
crime(n)[law] misfatto(n){m}[law]
crime(n)[law] criminalità(n){f}[law]
crime crimine{m}
crime(n)[act violating the law] crimine(n){m}[act violating the law]
crime(n)[law] crimine(n){m}[law]
crime(n)[act violating the law] reato(n)[act violating the law]
crime funere

ENITTranslations for and

and e
and(o)[conjunction] e(o)[conjunction]
and(o)[conjunction] ed(o)[conjunction]

ENITTranslations for justice

justice(n)[law] equità(n){f}[law]
justice(n)[law] imparzialità(n){f}[law]
justice giustizia{f}
justice(n)[law] giustizia(n){f}[law]
justice(n)[law - man] giudice(n){m}[law - man]
justice(n)[law - woman] giudice(n){m}[law - woman]

ENITTranslations for research

  • researched
  • research
  • research
  • researched
  • researched
  • indagando
  • avrai indagato
  • avranno indagato
research(v)[science] fare ricerche(v)[science]
research(n)[science] indagine(n){f}[science]
research ricerca{f}
research(n v)[inquiry or examination] ricerca(n v){f}[inquiry or examination]
research(n)[science] ricerca(n){f}[science]

ENITTranslations for institute

  • instituted
  • institute
  • institute
  • instituted
  • instituted
  • istituendo
  • avrai istituito
  • avranno istituito
  • instituted
  • institute
  • institute
  • instituted
  • instituted
  • intentando
  • avrai intentato
  • avranno intentato
  • instituted
  • institute
  • institute
  • instituted
  • instituted
  • intraprendendo
  • avrai intrapreso
  • avranno intrapreso
institute(n)[organization](formal) istituto(n){m}[organization]