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EN IT Translations for van

van (n v) [a (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods] furgone (n v) {m} [a (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods]
van (n) [vehicles] furgone (n) {m} [vehicles]
van (n) [vehicles] furgoncino (n) {m} [vehicles]
van (n) [automobiles] camion (n) {m} [automobiles]
van (n) [vehicles] camion (n) {m} [vehicles]
van camionetta
van autofurgone
van camioncino

EN IT Translations for international

EN IT Translations for piano

piano (n) [music - instruments] piano (n) {m} [music - instruments]
piano pianoforte {m}
piano (n) [music - instruments] pianoforte (n) {m} [music - instruments]
piano piano {m}

EN IT Translations for competition

competition (n) [entertainment] concorso (n) {m} [entertainment]
competition (n) [sports] concorso (n) {m} [sports]
competition (n) [emulation] antagonismo (n) {m} [emulation]
competition (n) [entertainment] gara (n) {f} [entertainment]
competition (n) [sports] gara (n) {f} [sports]
competition competizione {f}
competition (n) [action of competing] competizione (n) {f} [action of competing]
competition (n) [emulation] competizione (n) {f} [emulation]
competition (n) [entertainment] competizione (n) {f} [entertainment]
competition (n) [sports] competizione (n) {f} [sports]