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virtuous (a) [moral behavior] retto (a) {m} [moral behavior]
virtuous (a) [character] virtuoso (a) {m} [character]
virtuous (adj) [full of virtue, having excellent moral character] virtuoso (adj) {m} [full of virtue, having excellent moral character]
virtuous (a) [moral behavior] virtuoso (a) {m} [moral behavior]
virtuous (a) [moral behavior] casto (a) [moral behavior]
EN Synonyms for virtuous IT Translations
truthful [characteristic] verace
upright [characteristic] intemerato
just [characteristic] dianzi
moral [characteristic] etico
fair [characteristic] discreta (adj n v)
honourable [characteristic] onorevole {m}
worthy [characteristic] degno di
honest [characteristic] intemerato
pure [state] pudico
chaste [state] casta {f}
decent [state] gentile
true [honest] verace
ethical [honest] etico
noble [honest] di nobili sentimenti
righteous [character trait] dabbene
exemplary [character trait] esemplare {m}
conscientious [character trait] acribia {f}
blameless [character trait] senza colpa
good [character trait] virtù {f}
lofty [elevated] patetico