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EN English IT Italian
while (n) [time] attimo (n) {m} [time]
while (n) [time] momento (n) {m} [time]
while (o) [concession] mentre (o) [concession]
while (o) [duration] mentre (o) [duration]
while (n conj v) [although] malgrado (n conj v) [although]
EN English IT Italian
while durante
while (o) [concession] invece (o) [concession]
while intanto
while (n conj v) [although] benché (n conj v) [although]
while laddove
while finchè
while tratto di tempo
EN Synonyms for while IT Translations
during [part of speech] tydens
as [part of speech] soos
meanwhile [duration] tegelyk
when [duration] as
whilst [during] gedurende
in [during] per
at [during] om