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EN IT Translations for yugoslav

Yugoslav (n) [ethnology - man] iugoslavo (n) {m} [ethnology - man]
Yugoslav (a) [general] iugoslavo (a) {m} [general]
Yugoslav (n) [ethnology - man] jugoslavo (n) {m} [ethnology - man]
Yugoslav (a) [general] jugoslavo (a) {m} [general]
Yugoslav (n) [ethnology - woman] iugoslava (n) {f} [ethnology - woman]
Yugoslav (n) [ethnology - woman] jugoslava (n) {f} [ethnology - woman]

EN IT Translations for army

EN IT Translations for in

in (o) [proximity] presso (o) [proximity]
in interno {m}
in (o) [proximity] a (o) [proximity]
in di
in in
in (o) [preposition] in (o) [preposition]
in (o) [proximity] in (o) [proximity]
in dentro
in alla moda
in fra

EN IT Translations for the

the (o) [definite article] lo (o) [definite article]
the il
the (o) [definite article] il (o) [definite article]
the della
the (o) [definite article] la (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] l' (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] i (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] le (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] gli (o) [definite article]

EN IT Translations for fatherland

fatherland (n) [fatherland] paese (n) {m} [fatherland]
fatherland (n) [fatherland] patria (n) {f} [fatherland]
fatherland (n) [general] patria (n) {f} [general]
fatherland (n) [general] madrepatria (n) {f} [general]
fatherland (n) [fatherland] suolo natio (n) {f} [fatherland]