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EN English IT Italian
zealous (a) [emotional behavior] appassionato (a) {m} [emotional behavior]
zealous (a) [person] lavoratore (a) {m} [person]
zealous (a) [person] assiduo (a) [person]
zealous (a) [person] diligente (a) [person]
zealous (a) [person] perseverante (a) [person]
EN English IT Italian
zealous (a) [emotional behavior] ardente (a) [emotional behavior]
zealous (a) [emotional behavior] fervente (a) [emotional behavior]
zealous (a) [emotional behavior] entusiasta (a) [emotional behavior]
zealous (a) [emotional behavior] zelante (a) [emotional behavior]
zealous (adj) [full of zeal; ardent] zelante (adj) [full of zeal; ardent]
EN Synonyms for zealous IT Translations
impatient [eager] impaziente
desirous [eager] ansioso
fervent [eager] fervido
avid [eager] avido
enthusiastic [eager] entusiasmato
anxious [eager] pieno di timore
eager [property] avido
impassioned [property] infiammato
spirited [property] focoso
earnest [property] arra
fervid [property] fervido
ardent [property] focoso
devoted [character trait] dedicato
faithful [character trait] fido
true [character trait] verace
loyal [character trait] solidale
constant [character trait] costante {f}
sensational [enthusiastic] (informal sensazionale
radiant [enthusiastic] radioso
glowing [enthusiastic] incandescente