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ENNLTranslations for georgia

ENNLTranslations for national

national(n)[politics - man] burger(n){m}[politics - man]
national(n)[politics - woman] burger(n){m}[politics - woman]
national(a)[general] landelijk(a)[general]
national(n)[politics - man] staatsburger(n){m}[politics - man]
national(n)[politics - woman] staatsburger(n){m}[politics - woman]
national(a)[general] nationaal(a)[general]
national(a)[general] vaderlands(a)[general]

ENNLTranslations for rugby

rugby(n)[a sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball] rugby(n){n}[a sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball]
rugby(n)[sports] rugby(n){n}[sports]

ENNLTranslations for union

union(n)[politics] verbond(n){n}[politics]
union(n)[action] verbinding(n){f}[action]
union(n)[politics] unie(n){f}[politics]
union(n)[job] vakbond(n){m}[job]
union(n)[action] verenigen(n){n}[action]
union(n)[university] studentenvereniging(n){f}[university]
union(n)[university] sociëteit(n){f}[university]

ENNLTranslations for team

team(n)[general] team(n){n}[general]
team(n)[sports - soccer] team(n){n}[sports - soccer]
team(n)[general] ploeg(n){m}[general]
team(n v)[group of people] ploeg(n v){m}[group of people]
team(n)[sports - soccer] elftal(n){n}[sports - soccer]
team(n)[sports - soccer] voetbalteam(n){n}[sports - soccer]
team(n)[sports - soccer] voetbalploeg(n){m}[sports - soccer]
team equipe