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ENNLTranslations for bank

bank bank{m}
bank(n)[banking] bank(n){m}[banking]
bank(n)[geography] oever(n){m}[geography]
bank(n)[river] oever(n){m}[river]
GLS bank GLS bank

NLENTranslations for bank

bank[meubilair]{m} bench seat[meubilair]
bank{m} bench
bank[meubilair]{m} bench[meubilair]
bank[bankwezen]{m} bank[bankwezen]
bank(n v)[area where a large number of shellfish is found]{m} bed(n v)[area where a large number of shellfish is found]
bank[meubilair]{m} couch[meubilair]
bank[meubilair]{m} sofa[meubilair]
bank(n)[upholstered seat]{m} sofa(n)[upholstered seat]
bank[meubilair]{m} divan[meubilair]
bank{m} bank