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in te
in(o)[proximity] bij(o){m}[proximity]
in(o)[proximity] op(o)[proximity]
in(o)[proximity] aan(o)[proximity]
in in
in(o)[preposition] in(o)[preposition]
in(o)[proximity] in(o)[proximity]
in binnen
in per
ENSynonyms for inNLTranslations
during[part of speech]durante
while[part of speech]intanto
whilst[part of speech]mentre
meanwhile[part of speech]frattanto
at[part of speech]da
in the act of[part of speech]mentre
in[gedrag] fashionable[gedrag]
in(adj)[fashionable] vogueing(adj)[fashionable](adj)
in(n v)[to cut into small cubes] dice(n v)[to cut into small cubes]
in(v)[be an epitome] epitomize(v)[be an epitome]
in[gedrag] in vogue[gedrag]
in[gedrag] in fashion[gedrag]
in[voorzetsel] to the inside[voorzetsel]
in[voorzetsel] into[voorzetsel]
in[richting] into[richting]
in into
in[mode] very fashionable[mode]
in[mode] trendy[mode](informal)
in[voorzetsel] inside[voorzetsel]
in[voorzetsel] within[voorzetsel]
in[voorzetsel] in[voorzetsel]
in[nabijheid] in[nabijheid]
in[nabijheid] at[nabijheid]
in(adj v)[legally qualified] able(adj v)[legally qualified]
in[in elk] to[in elk]
in a
in per
in inside
in within
in in