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ENNLTranslations for list

  • listed
  • list
  • list
  • listed
  • listed
  • opgenoemd
  • noemt op
  • noemen op
  • noemde op
  • noemden op
  • listed
  • list
  • list
  • listed
  • listed
  • opgesomd
  • somt op
  • sommen op
  • somde op
  • somden op
list(v)[detail] één voor één opnoemen(v)[detail]
list(n)[general] lijst(n){m}[general]
list een lijst maken
list uitlisten

ENNLTranslations for of

of van
of(o)[books] van(o)[books]
of(o)[general] van(o)[general]
of(o)[material] van(o)[material]
of(o)[origin] van(o)[origin]
of(o)[possession] van(o)[possession]
of(o)[origin] uit(o)[origin]
of(o)[general] voor(o){m}[general]
of(o)[time] voor(o){m}[time]
of(o)[general] met(o)[general]

ENNLTranslations for football

football(n)[sports] Amerikaans voetbal(n){n}[sports]
football voetbal{m}
football(n)[British game] voetbal(n){m}[British game]
football(n)[sports - soccer] voetbal(n){m}[sports - soccer]

ENNLTranslations for clubs

clubs klaveren(m'p)
clubs(n)[one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣] klaveren(n)[one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣](m'p)

ENNLTranslations for in

in te
in(o)[proximity] bij(o){m}[proximity]
in(o)[proximity] op(o)[proximity]
in(o)[proximity] aan(o)[proximity]
in in
in(o)[preposition] in(o)[preposition]
in(o)[proximity] in(o)[proximity]
in binnen
in per

ENNLTranslations for albania

Albania Albanië{n}
Albania(proper)[country in south-eastern Europe] Albanië(proper){n}[country in south-eastern Europe]
Albania(n)[geography] Albanië(n){n}[geography]
Albania albanië
Albania Albanie