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nonetheless (o) [general] niettemin (o) [general]
nonetheless (o) [nevertheless] niettemin (o) [nevertheless]
nonetheless (o) [general] desondanks (o) [general]
nonetheless (o) [nevertheless] desondanks (o) [nevertheless]
nonetheless (o) [general] toch (o) [general]
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nonetheless (o) [nevertheless] toch (o) [nevertheless]
nonetheless (o) [general] nochtans (o) [general]
nonetheless (o) [general] echter (o) [general]
nonetheless (o) [general] desalniettemin (o) [general] (literature)
nonetheless (o) [general] desniettegenstaande (o) [general] (literature)
nonetheless (o) [nevertheless] evenwel (o) [nevertheless] (formal)
EN Synonyms for nonetheless NL Translations
however [nevertheless] ám
notwithstanding [nevertheless] ellenére (n prep)
nevertheless [although] mindazonáltal
but [although] csak (after a negative sentence)
anyhow [at any rate] valahogyan (adv)
be that as it may [at any rate] bárhogy is legyen
anyway [at any rate] mindenesetre
in any case [at any rate] mindenképpen