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quote (v) [price] opgeven (v) {n} [price]
quote noemen
quote (v) [example] aanhalen (v) [example]
quote (v) [statement] aanhalen (v) [statement]
quote (v) [example] aanvoeren (v) [example]
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quote (v) [statement] aanvoeren (v) [statement]
quote (v) [example] citeren (v) [example]
quote (v) [statement] citeren (v) [statement]
quote (v) [price] noteren (v) [price]
quote (n) [estimation] prijsopgave (n) {m} [estimation]
quote (n) [estimation] prijsoffferte (n) {m} [estimation]
quote (n) [statement] citaat (n) {n} [statement]
quote (n) [statement] aanhaling (n) {f} [statement]
quote (n) [statement] quotatie (n) {f} [statement]
EN Synonyms for quote NL Translations
allude to [refer to a source] (formal zinspelen op
excerpt [refer to a source] excerpt {n}
mention [refer to a source] noemen
point out [refer to a source] wijzen op
enumerate [refer to a source] optellen
cite [refer to a source] noemen
select [extract] exclusief
cull [extract] selecteren
enforce [resort to] forceren
implement [resort to] apparaat {n}
appeal to [resort to] aanspreken
bid [resort to] aanbieden {n}
effect [resort to] indruk {m}
refer to [resort to] zinspelen op
invoke [resort to] oproepen
evaluate [language] schatten
review [language] bespreken
recite [language] voordragen
price [language] som {m}
rate [language] schatten