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EN NL Translations for ukraine

Ukraine Oekraïne {n}
Ukraine (proper) [Eastern European country] Oekraïne (proper) {n} [Eastern European country]
Ukraine (n) [geography] Oekraïne (n) {n} [geography]
Ukraine oekraïne

EN NL Translations for in

in te
in (o) [proximity] bij (o) {m} [proximity]
in (o) [proximity] op (o) [proximity]
in (o) [proximity] aan (o) [proximity]
in in
in (o) [preposition] in (o) [preposition]
in (o) [proximity] in (o) [proximity]
in binnen
in per

EN NL Translations for the

the de
the (o) [definite article] de (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] het (o) [definite article]
the (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] hoe (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']
the aan de
the aan het
the naar de
the het

EN NL Translations for eurovision

Eurovision (proper) [television network] (proper) Eurovisie (proper) [television network] (proper)

EN NL Translations for song

song gezang {n}
song (n) [general] liedje (n) {n} [general]
song lied {n}
song (n) [general] lied (n) {n} [general]
song (n) [inexpensive deal] prikkie (n) [inexpensive deal]
song (n) [inexpensive deal] een appel en een ei (n) [inexpensive deal] (n)
song liedje {n}
song nummer {n}

EN NL Translations for contest

contest (v) [disagreement]
  • contested
  • contest
  • contest
  • contested
  • contested
betwisten (v) [disagreement]
  • betwist
  • betwist
  • betwisten
  • betwistte
  • betwistten
contest (v) [disagreement]
  • contested
  • contest
  • contest
  • contested
  • contested
aanvechten (v) [disagreement]
  • aangevochten
  • vecht aan
  • vechten aan
  • vocht aan
  • vochten aan
contest (n) [control] gevecht (n) {n} [control]
contest (n) [control] strijd (n) {m} [control]
contest (n v) [competition] wedstrijd (n v) {m} [competition]
contest (n) [entertainment] wedstrijd (n) {m} [entertainment]
contest (n) [sports] wedstrijd (n) {m} [sports]
contest (n) [sports] competitie (n) {f} [sports]
contest match {m}
contest (n) [entertainment] concours (n) {m} [entertainment]