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EN English PL Polish
against (n) naprzeciw (n) (Prp.)
against (n) o (n) (prp.)
against (n) pod (n) (Prp.)
against (n) przeciw (n) (Prp)
against (v) przy (v) (Prp.)
EN English PL Polish
against (a) względem (a)
EN Synonyms for against PL Translations
opposite [contra] naprzeciw (Prp.)
toward [contra] na (Prp.)
versus [contra] a
next to [touching] obok
despite [regardless of] wbrew
notwithstanding [regardless of] pomimo
in spite of [regardless of] pomimo
beside [side by side] przy (Prp.)
equal [side by side] odpowiadać
close to [position] koło
near [position] niedaleko
on [position] naprzód