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classification klasyfikacja {f}
classification (n) [act of forming into classes] klasyfikacja (n) {f} [act of forming into classes]
EN Synonyms for classification PL Translations
disposal [order] (informal lus
organization [order] organisasie
order [series] orde
chain [series] huidige
list [sequence] lys
rank [sequence] tou
suit [sequence] pak
appellation [name] (formal naam {m}
class [name] kursus
degree [position] graad
grade [position] graad
station [position] stasie
plan [formulation] projek
description [categorizing] beskrywing
stage [degree] leiding
category [degree] kategorie (n)
group [division] groep
kind [division] vriendelik
branch [division] afdeling
system [rule] stelsel