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complex (n) zespół (n) {m}
complex (a) złożony (a)
complex (adj n v) [collection of buildings] kompleks (adj n v) [collection of buildings]
EN Synonyms for complex PL Translations
complicated [property] 複雑 (adj n v)
difficult [property] 困難な (adj)
advanced [complicated] 高尚の (adj)
evidence [set of symptoms] 証拠 (n)
disease [set of symptoms] 疾病 (n v)
affliction [set of symptoms] 病気
syndrome [set of symptoms] (informal シンドローム (n)
combination [association] 合併 (n)
correlation [association] 相関 (n)
synthesis [combination] 合成 (n)
compound [combination] 化合物
consolidated [compound] 連結の (adj)
combined [compound] 合わさった (adj)
structure [network] 構成 (n v)
phobia [obsession] 恐怖症
fixation [obsession] 固定 (n)
repression [obsession] 抑圧 (n)
tricky [characteristic] 狡猾な (adj)