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EN English PL Polish
constant (n) stała (n) {f}
constant (adj n) [algebra: quantity that remains fixed] stała (adj n) {f} [algebra: quantity that remains fixed]
EN Synonyms for constant PL Translations
endless [ceaseless] nieskończony
continuous [ceaseless] ciągły
non-stop [ceaseless] nieustannie
faithful [character trait] lojalny
true [character trait] prawdziwy
loyal [character trait] lojalny
zealous [character trait] zapamiętały
laborious [diligent] pracochłonny
assiduous [diligent] pilny
uniform [unchanging] spójny
even [unchanging] poranek {m}
permanent [unchanging] permanentny
diligent [determined] pilny
steadfast [determined] oddany
resolute [determined] śmiały
attached [loyal] przywiązany
continued [continuous] cd.
lasting [quality] przewlekły
stable [quality] stajnia {f}
sound [property] brzmienie {n}