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EN English PL Polish
fiction (n) [invention] fikcja (n) {f} [invention]
EN Synonyms for fiction PL Translations
novella [language] nouvelle {f}
romance [language] idylle {f}
story [language] conte {m}
novel [language] roman {m}
falsehood [thing] mensonge {m}
fabrication [thing] fabrication {f}
fib [thing] (informal craque
forgery [thing] imitation {f}
invention [thing] mensonge {m}
lie [thing] gésir
untruth [thing] (formal menterie
fable [thing] fable {f}
literature [work of art] (informal littérature {f}
symphony [work of art] symphonie {f}
essay [work of art] étude {f}
poetry [work of art] poésie {f}
writing [work of art] l'art d'écrire {m}
composition [work of art] composition {f}
illusion [fabrication] illusion {f}
imagination [fabrication] imagination {f}