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EN Synonyms for light PL Translations
brilliance [radiance] brillance {f}
luminosity [radiance] luminosité {f}
resplendence [radiance] (formal resplendissement {m}
brightness [radiance] intelligence {f}
burn [activity] brûler
bake [activity] cuire
kindle [activity] enflammer
ignite [activity] enflammer
inflame [activity] envenimer
kiln [activity] four {m}
fire [activity] (informal feu {m}
wire [outfit with electric wiring] fil métallique {m}
heat [outfit with electric wiring] chaleur {f}
exposure [attitude] exposition {f}
bearing [attitude] porteur {m}
presence [attitude] présence {f}
shape [attitude] forme {f}
outlook [attitude] perspective {f}
point of view [attitude] angle {m}
aspect [attitude] orientation {f}