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on (n) na (n) (Prp.)
on (n) nad (n) (Prp.)
on (n) naprzód (n)
on (n) po (n) (Prp.)
EN Synonyms for on PL Translations
ahead [direction] vorentoe
forward [direction] voor
along [direction] volgens
against [position] teen
next to [position] naby
beside [position] om
near [position] na
toward [movement] na ... toe
away [departure] ver
hence [departure] hiervandaan
from [departure] vanaf
by [part of speech] per
throughout [part of speech] dwarsdeur
during [part of speech] tydens
through [part of speech] (informal met
upon [part of speech] (formal op
over [part of speech] oor
PL Polish EN English
on (n) {m} he (n)

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PL Synonyms for on EN Translations
ona [ona] f ela