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EN English PL Polish
power (n) energia (n) {f}
power (n) moc (n) {f}
power (n) potęga (n) {f}
power (n) siła (n) {f}
power (n) władza (n) {f}
EN Synonyms for power PL Translations
administration [term] administration
vehicle [means] køretøj
instrument [means] musikinstrument
action [means] handling
loudness [sound] hørestyrke
energy [characteristic] energi
impetus [characteristic] tilstrømning
strength [characteristic] kraft {n}
force [characteristic] kraft {n}
current [electric current] strøm
spark [electric current] gnist (n v)
electricity [electric current] el
authority [mastery] autoritet
ascendancy [mastery] overtag
head [mastery] hoved {n}
control [mastery] regere (v)
command [mastery] befaling
charge [direction] læs (n v)
vigour [physical condition] BE kraft {n}
nerve [physical condition] nerve