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EN English PL Polish
safety (n) bezpieczeństwo (n) {n}
safety (n) [condition or feeling of being safe] bezpieczeństwo (n) {n} [condition or feeling of being safe]
safety prezerwatywa {f}
EN Synonyms for safety PL Translations
sanctuary [haven] santuário {m}
refuge [haven] refúgior
retreat [haven] retirada {f}
shelter [haven] asilo {m}
preserve [haven] conservas
reserve [haven] reserva {f}
asylum [haven] manicômioe espeto
defence [protection] defesa {f}
security [protection] segurança {f}
shield [protection] escudo {m}
safeguard [protection] ressalva
bulwark [protection] amurada
aegis [protection] égide {f}
guard [protection] guarda {m}