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EN English PL Polish
stamp (n) oznaka (n) {f}
stamp (n) pieczęć (n) {f}
EN Synonyms for stamp PL Translations
fashion [characteristic] (formal moda {f}
form [characteristic] ordemr
garb [characteristic] (formal traje {m}
kind [characteristic] tipo gentil
mode [characteristic] modéstia {f}
sort [characteristic] tipo gentil
style [characteristic] tipo gentil
cut [characteristic] corte {m}
type [distinctive nature] tipo gentil
cast [distinctive nature] rededo arredondar
class [distinctive nature] classe {m}
character [distinctive nature] caráter {m}
mould [distinctive nature] moldea
exterminate [get rid of] aniquilar
abolish [get rid of] acabar com
exclude [get rid of] excluir
cancel [get rid of] anulação {f}
do away with [get rid of] encerrar
expel [get rid of] expila
eliminate [get rid of] (informal eliminar