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EN English PL Polish
still (a) jeszcze (a)
still (a) nadal (a)
still (n) zawsze (n)
still (a) ciągle (a)
still (a) wciąż (a)
EN Synonyms for still PL Translations
quiet [action] rolig (adj)
calm [action] rolig (adj)
repose [action] (formal hvile (n v)
rest [action] ro
chilly [property] kold
dead [property] direkte (adj n adv v)
Arctic [chilly] Arktis
soften [pacify] blødgøres (v)
collect [control] samle
just [part of speech] bare
quite [part of speech] meget
even [part of speech] lige
console [activity] trøste
therefore [purpose] altså
thus [purpose]
besides [purpose] desuden
therewith [purpose] dermed (adv)
in addition [purpose] desuden
then [purpose]
tranquil [characterisitc] stille