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EN English PL Polish
unhappiness (n) zmartwienie (n) {n}
unhappiness (n) [feeling of not being happy] nieszczęście (n) {n} [feeling of not being happy]
EN Synonyms for unhappiness PL Translations
gloom [melancholy] (literature sombreur
depression [melancholy] déprime {f}
despondency [melancholy] désespérance {f}
sadness [melancholy] chagrin {m}
pessimism [melancholy] pessimisme {m}
dejection [sadness] abattement {m}
grief [sadness] peine {f}
blues [sadness] (informal mélancolie {f}
melancholy [sadness] (formal mélancolie {f}
anguish [grief] désolation {f}
sorrow [grief] chagrin {m}
torment [grief] tourment {m}
woe [grief] (literature malheur {m}
misery [grief] souffrance {f}