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deal ruthlessly with(v)[general] tratar impiedosamente(v)[general]

ENPTTranslations for deal

deal(n)[trade] barganha(n){f}[trade]
deal(v)[dispense] distribuir(v)[dispense]
deal(v)[games - cards] distribuir(v)[games - cards]
deal(v)[dispense] dispensar(v)[dispense]
deal(n)[trade] negócio(n){m}[trade]
deal(v)[games - cards] dar(v)[games - cards]
deal(n)[trade] transação(n){f}[trade]
deal(n)[trade] pechincha(n){f}[trade]
deal(n)[trade] bom negócio(n){m}[trade]
deal arranjador(a)ondar

ENPTTranslations for with

with(o)[feature] de(o)[feature]
with com
with(prep)[against] com(prep)[against]
with(o)[at the same rate as] com(o)[at the same rate as]
with(o)[feature] com(o)[feature]
with(o)[general] com(o)[general]
with(o)[in the case of] com(o)[in the case of]
with(o)[in the company of] com(o)[in the company of]
with(prep)[against] contra(prep)[against]