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ENPTTranslations for optical

optical(a)[physics] óptico(a)[physics]
optical(a)[physics] ótico(a)[physics]

ENPTTranslations for digital

digital(a)[general] digital(a){f}[general]
digital(adj)[having to do or performed with a finger] digital(adj){f}[having to do or performed with a finger]

ENPTTranslations for data

data(n)[facts] material(n){m}[facts]
data dados(mp)
data(n)[facts] dados(n)[facts](mp)
data(n)[information] dados(n)[information](mp)
data(n)[facts] informações(n){f}[facts]
data(n)[data processing] dado(n){m}[data processing]
data(n)[data processing] input(n){m}[data processing]

ENPTTranslations for disk

disk(n v)[a computer's hard disk] disco(n v){m}[a computer's hard disk]
disk(n)[data processing] disco(n){m}[data processing]
disk discovoador