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to oblige obrigar

ENPTTranslations for to

to para(em direção à)
to(o)[causing] para(o)[causing]
to(o)[destination] para(o)[destination]
to(o)[direction] para(o)[direction]
to(o)[general] para(o)[general]
to(o)[in each] para(o)[in each]
to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] para(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
to(o)[indirect object] para(o)[indirect object]
to(o)[reason] para(o)[reason]
to(o)[time] para(o)[time]

ENPTTranslations for oblige

oblige(v)[compel] forçar(v)[compel]
oblige(v)[compel] compelir(v)[compel]
oblige(v)[compel] obrigar(v)[compel]
oblige(v)[compel] coagir(v)[compel]
oblige(v)[compel] pressionar(v)[compel]