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vote to accept(v)[laws] adotar(v)[laws]
vote to accept(v)[laws] aprovar(v)[laws]

ENPTTranslations for vote

vote(v)[politics] eleger(v)[politics]
vote(n)[politics] voto(n){m}[politics]
vote(n v)[assert a formalised choice] votar(n v)[assert a formalised choice]
vote(v)[politics] votar(v)[politics]
vote(n)[election] cédula eleitoral(n){f}[election]
vote(n)[election] cédula(n){f}[election]

ENPTTranslations for to

to para(em direção à)
to(o)[causing] para(o)[causing]
to(o)[destination] para(o)[destination]
to(o)[direction] para(o)[direction]
to(o)[general] para(o)[general]
to(o)[in each] para(o)[in each]
to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] para(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
to(o)[indirect object] para(o)[indirect object]
to(o)[reason] para(o)[reason]
to(o)[time] para(o)[time]

ENPTTranslations for accept

accept(v)[acknowledge] aceitar(v)[acknowledge]
accept(v)[believe] aceitar(v)[believe]
accept(v)[receive] aceitar(v)[receive]
accept(v adj)[to admit to a place or a group] aceitar(v adj)[to admit to a place or a group]
accept(v)[receive] receber(v)[receive]
accept(v)[acknowledge] admitir(v)[acknowledge]
accept(v)[believe] acreditar(v)[believe]
accept aceite