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every now and then(o)[time] då och då(o)[time]
every now and then(o)[time] allt emellanåt(o)[time]
every now and then(o)[time] en och annan gång(o)[time]

ENSVTranslations for every

every(a)[all] all(a)[all]
every(a)[all] all tänkbar(a)[all]
every(a)[person] alla(a)[person]
every(a)[person] allt(a){n}[person]
every(a)[determiner] var(a){n}[determiner]
every varje
every(determiner)[all of a countable group] varje(determiner)[all of a countable group]
every(a)[determiner] varje(a)[determiner]
every(a)[person] varje(a)[person]
every(a)[person] varenda(a)[person]

ENSVTranslations for now

now nu{n}
now(n)[general] nu(n){n}[general]
now(o)[general] nu(o){n}[general]

ENSVTranslations for and

and och
and(o)[conjunction] och(o)[conjunction]
and samt

ENSVTranslations for then

then(adv adj n)[at that time](adv adj n)[at that time]
then(a)[general] dåtida(a)[general]
then(a)[general] på den tiden(a)[general]
then(o)[time] på den tiden(o)[time]
then(o)[consequence] i så fall(o)[consequence]
then sedan