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in the act of(o)[general] i färd att(o)[general]

ENSVTranslations for in

in(o)[proximity] vid(o)[proximity]
in(o)[proximity] nära(o)[proximity]
in(o)[preposition] inne i(o)[preposition]
in(o)[preposition] i(o)[preposition]
in hos

ENSVTranslations for the

the(o)[definite article] det(o)[definite article]
the den
the(o)[definite article] den(o)[definite article]
the trokoloren
the(o)[definite article] de(o)[definite article]
the tull(u)
the vänstern(invariable)
the(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] ju(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']
the(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] desto(article adv)['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']
the vintergatan

ENSVTranslations for act

act(n)[action] aktion(n)[action](u)
act(n)[action] handling(n)[action](u)
act(n v)[deed] handling(n v)[deed](u)
act(n v)[deed] dåd(n v)[deed]
act(n)[action] gärning(n)[action](u)
act(v)[behave] uppföra sig(v)[behave]
act(v)[behave] bete sig(v)[behave]
act(v)[behave] bära sig åt(v)[behave]
act akt(u)
act(n)[theater] akt(n)[theater](u)

ENSVTranslations for of

of(o)[general] för(o)[general]
of(o)[general] till(o)[general]
of(o)[books] av(o)[books]
of(o)[material] av(o)[material]
of(o)[possession] av(o)[possession]
of(o)[origin] från(o)[origin]
of(o)[general] med(o)[general]
of(o)[material] gjord av(o)[material]
of(o)[time] i(o)[time]
ENSynonyms for in the act ofSVTranslations
while[part of speech]fastän
at the same time[part of speech]samtidigt
during[part of speech]genom hela(prep)
as[part of speech]såsom
meanwhile[during]så länge