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ENSVTranslations for not

not inte
not(o)[general] inte(o)[general]
not ej
not icke

ENSVTranslations for so

so(o)[accordingly] följaktligen(o)[accordingly]
so(o)[accordingly] därför(o)[accordingly]
so(o)[reason] därför(o)[reason]
so(o)[reason] alltså(o)[reason]
so(o)[likewise] också(o)[likewise]
so(o)[likewise] likaså(o)[likewise]
so(conj adv adj int n)[in a particular manner](conj adv adj int n)[in a particular manner]

ENSVTranslations for as

as(o)[reason] för(o)[reason]
as(o)[comparison] som(o)[comparison]
as(o)[conjunction] som(o)[conjunction]
as(o)[in the same way as] som(o)[in the same way as]
as(o)[comparison] liksom(o)[comparison]
as(o)[in the same way as] liksom(o)[in the same way as]
as(o)[reason] på grund av(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] därför att(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] eftersom(o)[reason]