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quarry (v) [mining] bryta (v) [mining]
quarry byte {n}
quarry stenbrott {n}
quarry (n) [mining] stenbrott (n) {n} [mining]
EN Synonyms for quarry SV Translations
game [chase] wild {n}
pursuit [chase] (formal hobby {m}
hunt [chase] op jacht gaan
kill [chase] afmaken
victim [chase] slachtoffer {n}
prey [chase] prooi {m}
pit [excavation] kuil {m}
hole [excavation] kuil {m}
hollow [excavation] nietszeggend
crater [excavation] krater {m}
lode [excavation] metaalader {m}
shaft [excavation] as {m}
cavity [hole in the ground] hol {n}
mine [hole in the ground] bron {m}
tunnel [hole in the ground] een tunnel graven in
excavation [hole in the ground] uitgraven {n}
excavate [activity] uitgraven {n}
dig [activity] delven {n}
extract [activity] ontfutselen
pan [activity] braadpan {m}