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Valley County Valley County

ENSVTranslations for valley

valley dalgång(u)
valley dal(u)
valley(n)[elongated depression between hills or mountains] dal(n)[elongated depression between hills or mountains](u)
valley(n)[geology] dal(n)[geology](u)

ENSVTranslations for county

county(n)[administration] län(n){n}[administration]
county(n)[administrative region of various countries] län(n){n}[administrative region of various countries]
county(n)[administration] förvaltningsdistrikt(n){n}[administration]
county(n)[history] grevskap(n){n}[history]
county(n)[politics - Great Britain] grevskap(n){n}[politics - Great Britain]
county(n)[politics - USA] storkommun(n)[politics - USA](u)
county kommun(u)
county(n)[politics - USA] kommun(n)[politics - USA](u)
county län{n}
county grevskap{n}
Valley County Valley County